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Single Well

A Pipe From Plant

PFT manufacturer Corrugated pipe plant with optimum engineered design, accurately machine parts, close modular, compactness, aesthetic base & latest ergonomics. Ease to change mould blocks of different pipe sizes gives the plant operational simplicity.

Low routine maintenance cost, Less power consumption, Quick after-sales services gives finishing touch to a top-of-the-line finished product from our Pipe Corrugation plant


PFT manufactures & supplies function based quality extruder with exceptionally controlled process parameters. It consist Screw & Barrel of special nitrated EN 41 B grade steel machined to close tolerance, harden & mirror-finished by grinding for smooth working. It has been designed on function-based engineering & ergonomic principles to meet specific provisions of corrugator ahead i.e Trouble Free Matching Pair.


We are manufacturing corrugation plant for single wall corrugated pipe in models of machine viz: OD: 010-50 mm & 050-150 mm, while for double wall corrugated pipe is of OD: 050-160 mm. We can easily design & supply any other corrugated pipe plant other than our above regular demand sizes.

Technical Specification

Size of Pipe
From 10 mm to 50mm Diameter
Drive For Corrugator
3HP.3 Phase 415±5 voltage Gear Motor [standard make]
Variable Speed Drive
0.5 m/min to 15m/min speed variable depend on size & output of extruder with emergency stop arrangement.
Lubrication System
Centralized lubrication system used to give specific pulse at specific place to easily slide with low friction.
Cooling System
Inbuilt cooling channel with brass fitting of inlet & outlet connection for chilled water.
Air Chiller
Used as additional air cooling for better finish & output
Line Speed Per Minute
12 to 20 meter/min depend on size of pipe & material.

*Performance varies depending on pipe dimensions and type of material.

Distrinctive Privileges

Raw Material Economy
Weight of rigid pipe & corrugated pipe in hand is elf-explanatory
Ease of Handling & Packing
Lighter weight of pipes makes handling, packing & transportation, easy & cheap.
Pipes are Impact resistive according to corrugation profile design.
Compared to rigid pipes, corrugated pipes are easy to install.
Space Saving
This pipes require less storage area, because of their flexibility & rolled in coil form.
Rodent Proof
For Civil Engineering purpose, their rat/rodent resistant feature works wonders.
These pipes are extensively used in electrical installations because of their insulation property.